| 5 spring break ideas!

5 spring break ideas!

Feb 26 2018

With only about a week left until spring break, most students are probably already preparing their holidays! Outings with friends, the most recent movie at the cinema and a date, maybe.

Or maybe they’re out of ideas. Maybe you have run out of ideas, or you’ve planned a week off to be at home with your children during this important time for them in the school calendar.

In any case, we have concocted a small list of 5 interesting ideas, which are out of the ordinary, to make this week of spring break more exciting in the company of the people who are dear to you!

1. Roadtrip

Without costing a fortune, this is a very interesting option. Just look at the weather on the U.S. coasts to convince yourself! With a tent or reasonable tastes as to where you’ll sleep, you could spend a nice & warm week in Washington D.C. or Miami for very little money.

2. Hot air balloon

This is an experience that young and old alike will enjoy! Of course you’ll have to wear your best winter attire, but the view of the last remnants of the winter scenery from up high is bound to warm you up.

3. Valcartier

The snow season is reaching towards the end! Well known for its waterslides in the summer, Valcartier is transformed at this time of the year into a winter wonderland with all kinds of activities to do. Ice hotel, sliding on tubes or snow rafting will make your stay a successful one!

4. Last occasion for winter sports

In the same vein, temperatures are slowly but surely rising so it will be interesting to spend some of your spring break practicing winter sports for one of the last time. Didn’t have any opportunity to ski this year? That’s your chance! Several ski resorts offer special rates on that week.

5. Low-cost travel

If you want to spend your break to escape somewhere else, it's possible too! Inform yourself on low-cost airlines such as Wow Air or scout for websites such as Fly Trippers  that makes a living off listing deals and you could find round trips at a great rate!

In conclusion, no matter what you decide to do, take this opportunity and have some good time with the ones you love. Your week off should be synonym of leaving all the stress (and your phone too!) aside and get out of your routine.

Let the crazy out!

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