| Ten perks of owning a business

Ten perks of owning a business

Feb 02 2018

Mondays and the return to work are difficult things for most people. Many are the mornings we’d like to stay in bed and act lazy! On some nights, sleep is hard to come by and our head is just spinning from all the issues at work.

Maybe your boss is giving you headaches or your varying, far in-between shifts cause you a lot of trouble. There are as many different reasons as there are people to finally quit your job and start yourself a business! One thing is certain: whatever your motives are, if you ever thought of taking the leap, yesterday will always be the best time to do it. Otherwise, you will keep on postponing and you might miss on your true calling!

As a jumpstart, we’ve put down a small, non-exhaustive list of ten benefits to the beginning of your new path.

1. Control of your time

You will be able to respect your needs for sleep. Are you efficient in the evening and like to sleep well into the morning? No problem. A nap in the afternoon? It is possible too. You will have much more energy and be healthier if you respect your body and structure your days around your natural cycle.

2. Little to no commute

No more traffic! If you find the motivation to work from home, your savings in gas and time will add up very quickly to the overall benefits of being an entrepreneur.

3. Continuous learning

Through your first steps in the business world, you will face a lot of tough situations, in addition to learning about how companies operate. It is a journey rich in pitfalls and surpassing yourself will certainly bring its share of new experiences!

4. Control over your income

Working at a job on a fixed salary is often about performing tasks for little money compared to what the company gets from the sales your services. As an entrepreneur, everything you do will come back to you. Profit margins will be yours to keep and it will be up to you to distribute the income as you see fit.

5. Efforts that yield results

In a similar vein, being paid by the hour or at a fixed salary often means that whatever your efforts, the check will be the same. By starting a business, you take control over your income: the more you work, the better the results. Just be careful of the opposite!

6. You’re the "boss"

Gone are the times of your superior by monitoring all of your actions. You won’t have to call anyone anymore if the children are sick or your nose is running a little too much on a given morning. A mantra to keep in mind, however: "with great powers, comes great responsibilities"

7. Work from where you want

Depending on which field you choose for your adventure, you’ll get the freedom to work abroad, in your favorite small café or in the comfort of your sofa. Basically everywhere you can think of!

8. More efficiency

As an employee, you may be witnessing multiple administrative delays or poor management decisions because of your position, directly on the field. As an entrepreneur, especially in the early days when you will be one of the only employees, if not the only one, you will be able to make better decisions by being the worker and manager at the same time.

9. Develop your creativity

Most entrepreneurs will tell you the same thing: venturing into business is all about problem solving. Finding the necessary resources, convincing people, developing new (good!) concepts, and many more occasions where you’ll need to find solutions. Through all these obstacles, you will be called to improve your creativity and constantly craft new answers.

10. Fun

And finally, fun. By embarking on an adventure like this, you will find a lot of satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment, going beyond yourself in a field that really interests you.

So what are you up to?


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