| Spring & finances cleaning

Spring & finances cleaning

Mar 01 2018

The temperature is on the rise and very quickly it’s gonna be about summer tires, squirrels and the sugar shacks. And most often, spring’s arrival goes in hand with cleaning! But that’s good. Tidying up is just as good for your household as it is for your finances. You know what they say: the cleanliness of your house is a reflection of your mind! To clean isn’t that enjoyable, but it’s definitely therapeutic. Getting your finances in order? That’s two birds with one stone.

It's time take the stress down a notch and put an end to your financial burdens. Here’s a couple tips for finding peace!

1. Settle small debts

The most suggested solution when it comes to paying off debts is to prioritize the highest interest dues in order to pay the least money possible on the long term. However, it’s not the only way to go: sometimes, settling a few smaller debts here and there will be much better for your personal well-being, lowering stress and ultimately motivating you to payback the rest of your credit card bill.

2. Clean up!

In your cleaning process, you will certainly stumble on objects that will make you haven’t used in a long while. Dust magnets. Take the lead and make room for new stuff by listing them up on classified ad sites or plan your next garage sale!

3. Evaluate your recurring expenses

Much of our revenue is spent on bills on monthly, annual and now even weekly basis with the aggressive sales tactics of car manufacturers. Want more money left? It may be time to swap for a smaller vehicle, reduce your insurance payments at the same time or consider moving into a better isolated home!

4. Do your taxes

It's already that time of the year! All the more important if you live off a middle-class income as you’ll probably be eligible for a tax return. One thing to remember: if you receive significant returns year after year, consider lowering your deductions because it is, for all practical purposes, an interest-free loan to the government when this money should have been yours from the beginning.

5. Take care of incidentals

Tired of paying a fee at the corner store ATM? Debit card transaction fees, your bank account monthly fee, a dollar for transfers, to point where you’re paying a fee for just about everything? It's time to review your habits! Consider changing for a financial institution that suits your real needs, that’s better located, and learn about existing products to reduce yours expenses on annoying management fees.

Finally, there are many other things you can do to shape up the look of your personal finances. Crafting a budget (and sticking to it!) Is still the number one tip, but with our articles of the past months, we hope you’re already onto that.

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